Terms & Conditions

Merchant can’t send Hard cash, cheque/ Gift Cheque, Prize bond with the documents, Alcohol, Drugs, Clinical samples, firearm parts, Dangerous/hazardous goods without declaration. Merchant must carry the legal responsibility of the information of booked items/goods/documents etc.

Company will not take any liabilities if any loss/damages/missing/Delay in delivery occurs due to natural calamities, road blockade, strike or any type of political unrest, fire or any accident beyond control. In such cases the sender or the receiver cannot claim any compensation.

After a parcel get delivered or returned no complaint will be acceptable. If the product has been damaged due to poor packaging, then we will not take any responsibility for it. Merchant needs to inform if the product is fragile or liquid item before delivery. Spark Delivery won’t be responsible for any cancellation or rejection of any parcel by the customer.

If we find any merchant practicing fraud activities, we will take legal action against that merchant. If any customer frequently cancels orders or prolong delivery time by asking to hold the product multiple times or even fraudulent such as hijacking, giving less payment or denying to give payment etc. we will not take the responsibility except informing the merchant. And the merchant will not ask any compensation.

If we find inappropriate information of customer or wrong location, company has the right to cancel the order and will inform the merchant about the incident.